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Our Original 1977 Recording!...

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Rose Weaver and the All Star Birthday Band!

...and the Birthday Jazz Quartet, Guitarist Dominic Salzillo

Starring Bluesman Joe Bargar

and featuring Guitarist Dominic Salzillo and the Birthday Blues Band

Eric Aukstikalnis Original Hip Pop eric aukstikalnis|Vocalist Songwriter Happy Birthday Song|It's Your Birthday Birthday Greeting for Mellanials Tori Boyd, Birthday eGift Rap Jennifer Hoyt, Birthday Hip Hop

Professionally produced musical birthday gift delivered via electronic and web media format.

That was our original mission statement.... But now the bar is much higher, we have doubled our goals. Taking our mission much further, we seek the most talented creative music artists, both veterans and emerging prodigies and seek to give them an opportunity, a stage to perform on, to create the most imaginative original compositions and play their performances of a lifetime for the public to use in their mission to spread a little joy. We are actively seeking composers, songwriters, arrangers, vocalists, instrumentalists, recording & mastering engineers to produce extraordinary original music of the highest professional quality in every style and genre known to man! We want to help all these talented artists gain recognition and further their careers. We feel this is a killer combination, a definite win/win solution and we are confident it will give undiscovered musical talent a chance to be heard, and also complete our original mission of putting a smile on the face of someone you care about on their special day.

The Mission of Celebration Songs Inc. d/b/a Birthday Songs Inc. is to provide a top notch Celebrations Song Service with a state of the art delivery to any device for anyone who wants to stay in touch with a special person, send a celebration song to their loved one, keep in touch with a special client or get themselves out of the doghouse.

Our musical creations are focused on celebrating the Birthday's of all peoples on earth. All our music productions are copyrighted and available for you, the public, to send to your Birthday Person anywhere on Earth, in any timezone, and at the time of your choice. This audio gift is a professionally produced high quality mp3 original Birthday Song available in many different styles of music with an unlimited roster of styles coming as quick as we can produce them. Our service comes with your personal message in text format and the option to upload a photo to the Birthday recipient. Many more options exist for this business to explore. As we grow so shall the celebrations song service product line.

In 1977 by two guys that care more about music and the gift of happiness than noteriaty. Their idea and original vision epitomizes the strong American entrepreneurial spirit of building something great from nothing.

The fuel to execute this venture is their unending passion for music, the simple truth that humans all over the world respond to kindness, and their belief that combining those two truths, music and kindness, will ignite an unending opportunity for success.

Resurrected in 2014 after 37 years, digital technology has caught up to their original idea and will allow them to take this Show on the Road to the four corners of the Earth.

Millions of smiles upon delivery!

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